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Snatch up your tailor-made email strategy & done-for-you email copywriting. This is your ticket to making waves, reclaiming your calendar, & zeroing in on what truly brings you joy.

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Snag my free course Instantly Better Emails, your passport to crafting better emails right now.

Discover the 5 simple rules email rockstars live and breathe. Then go forth and write emails that people genuinely want to read & bring in consistent revenue.

    Email is an art & a science; it's steeped in research & backed by data - with a healthy splash of personality.

    Luckily, you don’t need a degree in fancy words & complicated marketing strategies to craft emails that get you paid. (I did that part for you ;-))

    And what I learned? 

    You only need a few, high-quality ingredients. All my email copywriting follows this simple, 3-part process:

    Start With A Golden Blend Of Brand Voice & Messaging That's Uniquely Yours

    Fold In Conversion Copywriting Recipes To Make Writing & Selling Easy

    Test Your Email To Bake Up Strategies That Work For You & Your Audience

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    Email just got a whole lot easier...

    What's Your Email Writing Style?

    Take the quick quiz to find out what style of writing comes easiest to you. Get tips on writing in your natural style. And learn why your subscribers will love it!

    I'M SHARON WILKES, FOUNDER & CEO OF sharon wilkes copywriting

    Profitable? Yes.
    Time-consuming? Absolutely.

    I’m a mom, a wife, and a business owner of 12 years. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that you have to get email right.

    Email speaks for you. Email shows up when you can’t. Email sells for you when you can’t. 

    And if yours aren’t doing that, we need to chat.

    "Sharon taught me how to meet people right where they are and take my message to reach them in a personal way. My offers almost sell themselves now."

    — Astrid Berens, website manager & photographer

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    Elevate Your Email Game, Like Yesterday

    I’m diving into the depths of your email content and user journey. It’s the ultimate health check for your business’s MVP – ensuring your emails and strategies are not just fit, but flourishing and, oh yes, filling your pockets.

    Fresh Off The Press

    I can’t believe I’m giving away my secrets, but here we are. You’re welcome.

    Learn my favorite ways to add consistency to your business and give yourself grace when you aren’t.

    I did some digging into the most pervasive myths surrounding email marketing as a small business owner.