The About Page Copy Template


An about page is great for introducing your business, but a strategically crafted about page? Nothing is better for establishing trust and building connections with people new to your world.

In fact, 50% of your website visitors will see your about page.

Must be important…

… best not waste this space on fluff. 

I know, I know. Sometimes it’s tough to put into words why your business is awesome or to share your story in a way that really clicks with people. That’s where this About Page Copy Template shines. 

Unlike typical fill-in-blank templates that all sound the same, this one is structured in blocks. So you can pick and choose what sections you need and what to leave out. 

This format will simplify the process, make you sound damn good, and create a lasting impression on clients and customers.

The About Page Copy Template offers easy customization. Its block structure let’s you pick and choose which pieces are right for your own about page. And the guided writing and examples will help you feel confident and clear in your messaging so you can make a great first impression. If you do business online, this About Page Template is for you.

• About Page Copy Template, editable in Google docs or Word

• 9 customizable section blocks

• Writing instructions, prompts, & examples

• My Signature Template Guide to help you make the most of your new template

If you can use Google Docs, you can use these templates.

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Need more hand-holding? Read up on the “why” at the start of the template & watch the walk-thru video from me, Sharon, so you can hear me explain how to use this specific template, outline where you may get stuck, & unpack how to make the most of your new copy.


"Sharon, that's good writing."


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Examples & Tips

All templates come with examples, content notes, & design tips. Not only will you be able to write the copy with ease, you’ll also understand why you’re doing it & have guidance to put it all together.

Real-World Tested

As a copywriter of 12+ years, I write email funnels, sales copy, & websites for ambitious business owners. I don’t pull templates out of my bootie. Instead, I take what works, then “templatize” that for you.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. These copywriting templates work best if you add in your own style. Our philosophy is that know/like/trust factor you’re working to build with your audience is going to break down the minute they sniff out an imposter, so expect templates to be more “themeplate” style: you’ll see voice-y examples, but you’ll understand the goal and reasoning behind the copywriting formulas. That’s going to enable you to add in your own flair.

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Every single template is tested in the real world. As a copywriter of 12+ years, I write email funnels, sales copy, & websites for ambitious business owners. I don’t pull templates out of my bootie. Instead, I take what works, then “templatize” that for you.

Sure thing! That’s what Strategy Calls are for. Book one here with me, Sharon. I’ll go to town on your work, so you can install your copy and launch stat.

Get ready for a great about page!

Tell Your Story In A Way That Resonates & Engages Your Website Visitors

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