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Email Conversion Quick-Fix

Your 7-day, step-by-step plan to more (and better) leads so you can boost your income & your impact.

Got an email list that's not doing its job?

You’re not the only one. Loads of high-achieving online business owners & e-commerce brands see their hard-won subscribers & possible email profits just slip through the cracks. 

Maybe you don’t know why it’s happening?

Maybe you do know what’s wrong. But you’re just too damn busy doing everything else in your business!

Here's the rub...

Every day, your not-so-great emails are like holes in your pocket, letting money & chances to build customer relationships just fall out. And the longer it sits unfixed, the worse things will get. 

That’s super frustrating, right?

The good new is...

Email Conversion Quick-Fix is here to turn things around. 

In just 7 days, you’ll learn to make your emails pop, get more sign-ups, & sell more through a kick-ass user experience. No more watching potential clients & customers slip away.
Ready to fix those holes? 

Here's what we're covering...


Boost your sign-up success

Learn to see your sign-up process through your subscribers’ eyes, making it more appealing. We’ll tweak your lead magnet to ensure it’s attracting the right crowd. This part sets the stage for higher sign-up rates & better audience targeting.


Create Memorable First Impressions

Next, we’ll revamp your welcome email & download page to wow your new subscribers. We want them to feel valued & excited to be part of your world right from the start. The goal here is to increase engagement & set a positive vibe now & in the future.


Grow your income & your impact

Finally, we’ll align your email content with both your customers’ needs & your business goals. We’ll wrap up with a strategy for ongoing improvements & growth. This last part is key to turning your email list into a consistent revenue generator.

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Heya! I'm Sharon

I’m an email strategist & launch copywriter for high-achieving online business owners & e-commerce entrepreneurs. Put simply- I help you make more money with email!

As a 6-figure business owner & mama myself, I know how easy it can be to let little things slide when you’re busy doing EVERYTHING. 

So I created this bite-size program as a way for you to manageably find & fix holes in your business’s most valuable asset – your email list.

Here's how this works...

Starts immediately

Once you’re in, your Day 1 email & assignment will fly into your inbox. You can start improving your email conversions right away.

Daily action steps

Every day for 7 days, you’ll get an email linking to your daily lesson & action plan. It’s in digestible chunks perfect for busy business owners.

Community support

You’ll have access to the client/student-only Facebook group for support throughout the entire program & beyond!

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no cut-and-dry answer here because there are so many variables at play. If you’re going from a jalopy of an email strategy to a Ferrari, you’ll see increases in opt-in rates and subscriber retention much faster than if you’re already a Mustang.  Plus, this isn’t a magical key to gaining traffic to your opt-in pages. Naturally, the more traffic you bring in, the more subscribers. This program is to help you capture & keep the potential subscribers that you’re already working so hard to bring in.

This program is broken down into 7 day chunks. Each day is dripped to your inbox to make the info & actions manageable & to keep you accountable. Each day’s tasks should take no more than 5-15 minutes.

If you need more time to complete the steps, no worries! The emails & lesson links are in your inbox until you delete them. So you can go back to them as often as you like.

This Email Conversion Quick-Fix is just a *pinch* of what I do for you inside one of my email audits. This Quick-Fix is DIY and focuses on the sign-up and onboarding experience of your newsletter subscribers. 

In an Email Conversion Audit, I look at this PLUS your overall strategy and any particular elements (funnels, writing style, etc.) to pinpoint opportunities for improving conversions everywhere.

If an Email Conversion Audit sounds like a better fit for you, please apply here.

Absolutely! All of the conversion techniques discussed in this program are doable regardless of your current email platform.

List size doesn’t matter! Your email sign-up & onboarding experience can (and should!) be checked on from time to time. 

If you’re just starting out, this is the perfect opportunity to learn & start these conversion-boosting tactics.

And if your list is a beast, it’s easy to neglect the conversion points we look at in the program. You might be surprised at what you learn!

I sure do! Because I give a damn about your business, I’m not gonna leave you hanging. If you don’t feel the Quick-Fix has at least 3 ways you can improve your email marketing & user experience, contact within 14 days of purchase for a refund.

Oh, hey! If you have any other questions, send a quick note to And we’ll get back to you within 2 business days.

Get your email list working for you

Your email list is your most important business asset. And it can be your biggest money-maker in your business. Make sure it works for you! Grab the Email Conversion Quick-Fix & get started now for just $37.