Mysterious Moonlighter!

You’re deep, wise, & have a keen intelligence. You generally enjoy being under the radar… You may even cloak yourself in a bit of mystery. Using email to share a unique glimpse into your world is going to pique everyone’s interest.

The key to making your Emails resonate with your audience?

Because you’re a great listener, a way for you to find new ideas for emails is to look and listen. What are people talking about in your community? Do you agree, or do you have another perspective? It might even be time for a well-researched deep-dive on the subject that your list will totally love. 

 Educational emails that show off your substantial brain power really suit you. 

Highlight your analytical skills in your emails. Share what you’re thinking about and the puzzles that keep you up at night. Analyze best practices and share the insights of your research with your list. They’ll feel like they’re getting insider intel. Which of course they are.

Because you’re great with systems, share your productivity hacks as well as lists, tips, tricks, and all the systems that work well for you. This is what your list is waiting for. 

Here's a tip tip to make your emails shine…

Because you tend to like everything to be perfect, that may keep you from sending out a newsletter on the regular. 

But when it comes to email, the more you email your list, the more you’re building your relationship. The more you build loyalty and your know, like, and trust factor. 

So don’t let perfectionism keep you from being consistent. Done is better than perfect. 

And your audience needs what you have to share! 



"You have to do the research. If you don't know about something, then you ask the right people who do."


Do you copy?

Hey there, I'm Sharon

I’m an email strategist & copywriter for high-achieving business owners & ecommerce brands who want to positively impact the online space. 

Email is my superpower…and guess what? It can be yours too! 💌 💸

I help personal brands win at email through data-driven copy that excites, delights, and delivers results. I help personal brands find and deliver their authentic brand voice. So you can step into the spotlight and craft a community of loyal and awesome fans.

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