Portfolio Tag: Websites

  • Website for Marketing Consultant

    Nicole was a busy marketing consultant who primarily worked with corporate clients. As a woman among many male clients, she felt called to bring the knowledge of using AI for marketing to women in business. And in 2022 she needed a website to represent her new business endeavor. Nicole wanted a simple, clean site that […]

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  • Website for Copywriter

    Here are sample pages from my copywriting services website. Included examples are the homepage, about me page, services page, and contact page. I wanted to reflect my personality in my branding and website so potential clients could get a feel for what it might be like to work with me. The aesthetic goal of the […]

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  • Website & Content Plan for Lifestyle Blog

    This is a Southern lifestyle website I built on a whim. I’m including it in this portfolio to show my content and branding processes, a bit of my photography skills, and more of how I can write in different styles for different audiences. For Biscuits, Breezes, and Backyards, I built the site in WordPress using […]

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