Blog Post for Email Marketing

The following blog post is an example of cornerstone content. This is a very long, keyword-heavy deep-dive into Email Marketing for beginners. The goal of content like this is to drive top-of-funnel traffic to the website, provide valuable information that positions you as an expert, wows the reader, and warms them up to your brand or product.

I wrote the article in my voice, using a casual, approachable language style and a friendly tone.

According to Google Analytics, this article was the number one organic traffic driver to my website. I used Google Keyword Planner and Ask The Public to find appropriate keywords and phrases for search engine optimization.

Despite not including any imagery or graphics in the article {which is boring!}, I received many comments and direct emails thanking me for the information.

Thank you so much for this information, Sharon. I feel like I can actually do email now.

Josie P., Founder, The Ambitious Assistant