Website for Copywriter

Here are sample pages from my copywriting services website. Included examples are the homepage, about me page, services page, and contact page.

I wanted to reflect my personality in my branding and website so potential clients could get a feel for what it might be like to work with me. The aesthetic goal of the site was to blend a vintage Mad Men-style writer/marketer vibe with a lighter, more casual look and feel.

The color palette gives a clean, lighthearted spin on vintage and leans feminine while being inclusive. I used modern vintage aesthetic imagery curated from various resources to reflect the old-mixed-with-new vibe. The fonts are a traditional Garamond serif for headings and an easy-to-read modern Lato sans for body text.

I built the site in WordPress using Elementor and a theme from Bluchic.

Overall, I was extremely happy with the look and feel of this site. However, I did worry about the readability of the contrast of white text on the rose color of the buttons as well as the light brown eyebrow text.


I also wrote all of the copy for this website. The copy and content spoke to my target audience of seasoned entrepreneurs and small business owners in the scaling stage. The main message was that they already knew they needed email marketing, but it was time to hire a professional so they could save time, boost sales, and get back to their zone of genius.

All copy was SEO-optimized using Google’s keyword finder and Answer The Public.

As fun and time-consuming as this project was, I did not launch the site properly due to existing client work. The majority of the traffic to this site came from a single piece of cornerstone content and email marketing.

About Me Page

Services Page

Contact Page

I strategically included a FAQ section on the contact page to provide as much info to readers as possible and to help reduce the number of unnecessary questions sent via email.