Social Media Campaign for Candle Co.

The following is an example of a multi-channel social media strategy I created for The Brash Wick candle company. The campaign’s goal was to spread awareness and build excitement around the company’s launch. The secondary goal was to gain followers on Instagram and Facebook.

Throughout my years in communications, I’ve learned there are 5 content pillars essential to any social media strategy to capture new eyes, build relationships, and drive conversions. These content pillars are effective for any social media platform.

The pillars are:

  • Educate to inspire
  • Stories to connect
  • About the business
  • Share wins & accomplishments
  • Entertain to engage

The company wanted to focus on the Instagram platform first. As of 2023, the Instagram algorithm favors reels, carousel posts, and stories, so content was created for those mediums using the 5 pillars. The content included audio and video trends and messaging relevant to the industry and target audience.

I gathered photographs and “B-roll” video footage {for ongoing assignments, these assets are collected and stored in a database to pull from as needed}. Photographs were edited in Adobe Lightroom.

The video and content were put together in Canva.

I created a hashtag strategy for reels and carousel posts including local, industry-specific, and audience/cultural keywords.

Posting frequency was as follows:

  • Alternating reels & carousel posts Monday – Saturday
  • Stories shared at least once {one behind-the-scenes & one selling} per day Monday – Saturday
  • Additional weekend content was optional
Example of my go-to monthly content calendar for audience growth.

The above database was created in Google Sheets to give a general overview of the monthly content marketing structure and plan for a period without significant promotions or major events. I use this content calendar as the starting point for all campaigns and modify it to suit weekly and monthly goals.

Finished content was uploaded into the scheduling software Plann and arranged according to the content pillars and monthly content calendar. Captions and hashtags were added to each post. Posts were scheduled to the business’s Instagram account and Facebook page.

Many scheduled posts had to be set with reminders to publish manually because they had to be modified in the Instagram app directly for certain features, such as adding location information, trending audio, and engagement stickers.

Here is an example of the strategy in use in the content scheduling software:

This is the feed as it looked on Instagram after 2 weeks of posting:

Example Stories:

Example reels and performance {it’s good!!}:

Overall, this was such a fun project! I was pleasantly surprised by the accounts reached and engagement with the reels. For this particular account, I would increase the production of reels and use the call to action in the captions to encourage more follows.