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DAY 1:

Become Your Own Subscriber

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Sign Up For Your Own List And Review The Process 

Are you ready to audit your list and find out what’s working, what isn’t, and where there’s room for improvement? If you ask me, it’s one of the most productive and rewarding tasks you can tackle this week. It all starts by taking a closer look at what you have in place right now. 

Be honest. When is the last time you’ve really taken a look at your opt-in form? How about your welcome email? Do you know what it says and how you’re welcoming your new subscribers? How about the lead magnet you’re using? It’s time to take stock of all that and the first step is to sign up for your own list. 

You can sign up with any email and it will work just fine. I prefer a Gmail account that I’ve set up just for this purpose. It allows me to see all my auto-responder emails for various lists in one place. The reason I chose Gmail (aside from the fact that it’s free and easy to access anytime, anywhere), is that it’s very searchable. This comes in handy when you’re trying to find one particular email that needs changing or updating. You can search for it in your Gmail using a keyword instead of digging through your auto-responder series trying to find it. 

Keep pen and paper next to you as you get ready to sign up for your own list. We’ll address some of these things in more detail this week, but start to pay attention and try to look at each piece of the process from your subscribers’ point of few. How attractive is the opt-in offer? Is the headline catchy? Do you help your readers solve a problem with your lead magnet and the content you provide in your emails? Are you hitting on pain points in your copy? How attractive is the graphic? 

As you’re signing up, look at how easy and smooth the process is. Look at and reevaluate how much information you’re asking for. Are the landing page and opt-in email making sense? Are there things you could improve or clarify? Does it fit with the overall look and feel of the rest of your site? Do you have any distractions on the opt-in confirmation page and email? Do your readers know what to expect? 

Once you confirm your opt-in, you should land on a Thank You or download page. Make sure you have it set up and are using it to your advantage. It should be easy to find the lead magnet download file, but this isn’t the only thing you can do here. Start to think about using this space to create a relationship with your readers and to turn them into customers. We’ll go into more detail on this on day 3. Of course you should make sure all the links on this page work. You don’t want to make a bad first impression. 

Last but not least, head to your email account and review the welcome email you received. Going forward, look at each message in your auto-responder sequence as it comes in. Make sure the links are working, the offers are still valid and the messages make sense. Change and tweak as needed. 


That’s it for day one. Tomorrow we take a closer look at the lead magnet and how well it’s working when it comes to drawing new subscribers into your funnel. 

What was your biggest takeaway?

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