Storytelling Sensation!

As a goal-oriented innovator, your personal stories have the power to inspire confidence in others. Your readers see themselves in your stories. So don’t hold back, share your strong opinions, your perspective, and even your battle scars.

The key to making your personal story
resonate with your audience?

After you share your own experience, explain how your audience can apply this to their businesses and their lives. Write about what you learned, your hard-won lessons, and new ways of looking at challenges. 

Collect a bank of your best stories that you can draw from whenever you need inspiration. Or check out this blog post of 52 email story prompts. 

In addition to sharing your stories, share your honest opinion! Pick a fight with something you disagree with. Discuss why you disagree with a commonly held belief in your industry. Take a stand. Use your bold nature to set the trend. 

The great thing about boldly sharing your perspective in email? The people who are into it will become even more raving fans. Then the potential customers coming onto your list are going to be the people you will really love to work with.

Here's a tip for you to win at email…

Because you like to give off a polished vibe, it may seem scary to show your vulnerability in your stories. But your audience doesn’t just want to hear about how you win. They want to know about your losses too. The good old underdog victories. 

Let yourself share some vulnerability (to your comfort level of course). In this way, your people can really connect to you and see their own potential through your tales of growth.

All in all, don’t be afraid to pack your emails with your glorious personality. 

Because you were made to shine. 



"People do not buy goods & services; they buy relations, stories, & magic."


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